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Interim Search launches international business area

Interim Search launches international business area

in english | 2022-03-02

Interim Search goes international – with AnnaCarin Stolpe responsible for the expansion. She is appointed Head of International Desk, a new business area that offers Swedish companies interim consultants abroad.

AnnaCarin Stolpe has a solid background within Interim Search. She was recruited to the company as Director & Recruitment Consultant in 2016 and later became Partner and Regional Manager for the business in Gothenburg. Prior to her career within Interim Search, AnnaCarin worked in the financial industry in a number of commercial leadership roles. She has a great experience of operating globally, including in GE Capital and Heller Global Vendor Financial Services where she worked towards Asia and the USA and was part of a European management team.

Congratulations on your new role, AnnaCarin! How did the idea of ​​establishing Interim Search abroad come about?
Simply put, it’s driven by increased demand. We have made several international recruitments to our Swedish customers, including in Germany, Spain and the USA. Many of the customers we work with today have foreign operations and want to be able to use our service to build these – just as they do for their Swedish companies

For us, the methodology is exactly the same, we already have many international and mobile consultants in our network and the right tools to, for specific assignments abroad, find more. When I have placed interim consultants abroad, we have been able to present a selection of available candidates who have the right language qualifications and can move to the desired location. Many times we have recruited consultants who live in one geography, but work in a completely different one. The fact that the assignment happens to be abroad plays less of a role for the consultants, it’s the challenge that attracts them. Meanwhile it’s much more difficult for the customers to find the right competence for their foreign operations, it usually ends up with them moving someone internally or getting a recommendation about someone who can fit the role – without exposing the candidate to competition. The risk of an incorrect recruitment is significantly higher in those cases.

Can you describe a typical customer that you can help in your new role?
Traditionally our customers who need interim consultants abroad are listed companies, that are headquartered in Sweden, but with foreign operations. One can imagine that most of our customers will be large companies, but smaller start ups that are establishing abroad could really benefit from our service.

We can offer Swedish interim consultants to Swedish companies abroad as well as local interim consultants. For example, we could place an interim Production Manager to a foreign facotyr, or an interim Sales Manager with extensive local knowledge to assist in entering a new market abroad.

What are the immediate plans for the business area?

Right now me and my Researcher are in dialogue with my existing clients, it’s important that they know that I’m still working with recruitments in Sweden, and that our International Desk simply offers them an extended service. What we further want to investigate with the clients are what aspects they value when they need to recruit interim resources abroad. How are their foreign operations built? Do they have urgent needs in these organizations? And which profiles are needed more long-term to take the next step? I hope that these discussions lead to opportunities and collaborations ahead! 

AnnaCarin Stolpe can be reached at (+46)70 690 44 05 or

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